Album Review – XXXTentacion “Skins”

XXXTentactions posthumous album “Skins” was released on the 7th December 2018, released just 6 months after his untimely passing.

The album itself was teased ever since his release of “?” at the start of 2018, after two incredibly touching albums in “17” and “?”, there was a lot of anticipation over this album, not just from his true fans, but from the whole rap industry, posthumous albums are a often scrutinized due to labels approving things the artist themselves may not have approved if they were alive, however, with this album, X’s close friend and producer John Cunningham stated that “The songs and the ideas and the vision of it all was done or very close to being done.”

The album contains 10 songs, spanning over 19 minutes, a very short album, but something not new to X’s fans.

“BAD!”, the 5th song on the album is the only single release, it peaked at 16th on the US Billboard Hot 100.

Starting off with a classic X introduction, something he has done on both of his other studio releases, it gives a brief explanation to his thoughts on why he created the album.

My personal favourite songs off the album are “Guardian Angel” and “What are you so afraid of”, they provide a classic melodic sound, similar to songs off his previous albums, one of my favourite parts of the album is the production behind “Guardian Angel” as throughout the song, the backing of “Jocelyn Flores” is played backwards.

XXXTentacion brings it back to his early releases with songs like “Train food” and “STARING AT THE SKY” these songs are both very deep and dark, with the latter having a Screamo sound to it.

One of the massive talking points off the album would be the song “One Minute” featuring Kanye West, having someone like Kanye working with an original Soundcloud rapper like X is huge for the industry and also someone who X’s friends stated he always wanted to collaborate with, Kanye’s verse is exceptional and if you can listen through the Screamo sounds it is well worth it.

Overall the album is something I have had on repeat due to how easily listening it is, being a massive XXXTentacion fan, I find it hard to be critical, I personally am not a fan of “STARING AT THE SKY” which is to me the only skippable song.

If you haven’t yet, give this album a listen, well worth your time.x album cover

Overall Rating: 8/10



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