The top 5 music venues for students in Manchester

Manchester is ranked in the top 6 largest student populations in England. The music scene in Manchester has always been a big part of culture from the Smiths to the blossoms. Manchester caters for all music tastes from pop to punk with events all around the city.

The Warehouse Project

Since 2006 The Warehouse Project (WHP) has been holding some of the biggest music nights in the Autumn and Winter terms, from names such as Annie Mac to Hannah Wants, selling out every year since it began.

The WHP is located directly in the city center behind Piccadilly station making it one of the main festival attractions for fresh new faces coming to Manchester for uni.

Along with The WHP being one of the most sold out events in Manchester since 2006 it also won the ‘Best Use of New Technology’ award in 2014.

The Warehouse Project is located on store Street behind Piccadilly station and on average costs around £30

Soup Kitchen


The Soup Kitchen is a multi award winning Canteen, bar with an underground music venue open all week around.

Soup Kitchen is located right in the heart of the music scene of Manchester in the Northern Quarter and holds various events most nights throughout the year.

In 2013 the Manchester Evening news (MEN) voted Soup Kitchen the best club in Manchester along with Design my night voting it the best live music venue in 2014.

The underground venue hosts some of the best dance nights along with music from all genre throughout the year, with live performances coming up from Yungen, who is a chart topping artist, selling over 1 million records in the last 12 months.



Gorilla is a club/venue located right in the heart of Manchester, surrounded by some of the most cultural areas in Manchester for music.

The venue is based under the railway bridge on Whitworth Street and offers a large range of music, gigs and night events throughout the year, from all different genres..

Gorilla along with being a venue, also won the award for ‘The Best Burger in Manchester and was nominated for the ‘Best Newcomer’ while taking part in the Manchester Food and Drink Festival Awards, in the past.

The venue holds a lot of DJ and night events with them attracting a large range of people including students from all across the city.

On Tuesday 13th November David August a German DJ will be holding an event at Gorilla, showcasing his new music with a live show.

O2 Victoria Warehouse


Once called Victoria warehouse, the new O2 Victoria warehouse which was renamed earlier following their new licence agreement.

The Warehouse is opening its doors trying to attract more international artists, trying to become a premium venue with them already have acts such as the Courteeners and the 21 pilots already playing at sister venues across the UK.

With the warehouse taken on the 02 family name, customers across the UK of the phone network will now be able to get early access with them using their o2 priority app.

Throughout the warehouses history brands such as Adidas, Audi, BBC, BMW, Facebook, Heineken, L’Oreal, Netflix, and New Look have chosen to use the Warehouse for events, shoots and other promotional schemes throughout the venues time.

The Deaf Institute


The Dead Institute is a historic building that was built in 1878. The venue, club and bar has been located off Oxford road for the passed six years and has been refurbished to look like its original layout, creating a good atmosphere for gigs and live events.

The venue along with sister venues Albert Hall, Gorilla, Trof and Albert’s Schloss hold events across the city.

With Manchester being one of the biggest student cities in the UK events from Jazz nights to comedy nights are held through the week.

The deaf institute holds music from all different genres from Punk rock to House events, with WSTR a English pop-punk band holding a live gig on Tuesday 11 December following the signing of their new record label.






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