Saturday fixtures and my three fold prediction!

So I want to start something new on the blog. Last year I used to place a lot of bets so I decided to start researching teams and looks at previous games and results before betting, I’m not saying I’m good at it, but tracking my bets and researching them more in depth with help me and maybe help a few readers too.

This new series of posts will look at the fixtures of who is playing along with a three fold belt, in which I will place every week.

I will never promise my bets will come through, but with each bet I will look at the previous 5 games for the teams, along with stats and results and write them up on here to show why I’m backing the team of my choice.

This will only look at premier league and the championship games.

Maybe we will win a bit of money?

Lets give it a chance, worst comes to worst I just never win a bet.